Softer Foods Trial Packs

If you’d like to try our Softer Foods range then you can use the form below to order one of our Trial Packs.

Available in Purée Classic, Purée Petite or Soft for under £30 and delivery is FREE.

puree classic fish creamy sauce 367

Trial Pack 1 Purée Classic (Category C Shaped Purée)

5 main meals and 1 dessert £25.50

  • Purée Classic Chicken & Gravy
  • Purée Classic Beef Stew
  • Purée Classic Lamb & Veg Casserole
  • Purée Classic Chicken Supreme
  • Purée Classic Fish in Creamy Sauce
  • Puréed Bakewell Sponge & Custard
647 pp salmon supreme

Trial Pack 2 Purée Petite (Category C Shaped Purée)

6 main meals £29.48

  • Purée Petite Beef & Gravy
  • Purée Petite Salmon Supreme
  • Purée Petite Lamb Chop
  • Purée Petite Pork Grillsteak
  • Purée Petite Chicken & Gravy
  • Purée Petite Steak Casserole

Trial Pack 3 Soft Meals (Category D Pre Mashed)

7 main meals £27.99

  • Soft Chicken Curry
  • Soft Savoury Minced Beef
  • Soft Sausages in Onion Gravy
  • Soft Chicken in Rich Gravy
  • Soft Lamb Stew
  • Soft Salmon Supreme
  • Soft Chicken & Vegetable Casserole

To order your trial pack today simply complete the form below and your local Wiltshire Farm Foods outlet will contact you to arrange delivery and payment.

Please note: If you are ordering on behalf of someone at a different address, please enter the recipient’s delivery postcode rather than your own.

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