Medical Conditions That Cause Swallowing Problems

Post stroke

Stroke recovery can be a difficult process. Ensuring you or your loved one is eating enough and getting the right nutrition is vital for getting, or staying, healthy.


Several kinds of cancer, as well as some treatments for cancer, can make it difficult to eat, or may put you off food altogether. Knowing what to eat and how to prepare it can help.


Dysphagia is a major concern for dementia sufferers and their loved ones. Being prepared for the possibility of food refusal can help to combat malnutrition.

Parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s disease can lead to chewing or swallowing difficulties as the condition progresses. Ensuring a person living with Parkinson’s has a good diet can help to keep them healthy.

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Helen, our Dietitian

Helen worked in the NHS for over seven years, and has been very impressed by the soft foods range at Wiltshire Farm Foods, in particular the moulded meals which are incredible and are a real breakthrough for Wiltshire Farm Foods.

Helen Willis BSc RD
Wiltshire Farm Foods Dietitian