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​At Wiltshire Farm Foods we understand that dysphagia is a complex and difficult condition to manage. Patients with swallowing difficulties and those who care for them can often be daunted by the challenge of preparing food which is safe, suitable for their particular form of dysphagia and enjoyable to eat.

These challenges can be particularly difficult when complicated by one of the primary conditions which commonly result in dysphagia such as Stroke, Parkinson’s disease or the fact that the patient may have just been discharged from hospital back into the community.

Wiltshire Farm Foods have created a range of meals for those with dysphagia which allows them to enjoy delicious food again in their own homes whilst giving those who care for them peace of mind that they are eating safe, nutritious meals.

Key benefits of our range

  • Made to the specific requirements of category C,D,E diets - reducing the risk of choking and aspiration
  • Great tasting – approved by Wiltshire Farm Foods customers
  • Visually appealing – because people with dysphagia still eat with their eyes
  • Nutritionally balanced – overcoming the risk of malnutrition
  • Quick and easy to prepare – no need to attempt home blending, simply place the meals straight into the oven or microwave from the freezer
  • Dietary requirements catered for – including gluten free and vegetarian
  • Over 60 choices – something for all tastes
  • Free home delivery direct to the freezer

Good to know...

All of the main meals in our Texture Modified Meals range provide at least 400 calories and 14 grams of protein per portion helping your patients on the road to recovery.

Putting the meal back into mealtimes

Our range of texture modified meals offer a simple solution for your patients with dysphagia, allowing them to safely enjoy great tasting, visually appealing meals.

Made to conform to the current dysphagia Diet Food Texture Descriptors, you can be sure that your patients will have food which is appropriate for their needs, removing the difficulties of attempting to blend down food to the correct consistency in the home.

So whether your patients require a Puréed (C), Pre mashed (D) or Fork Mashable (E) diet we can help you to care for them.

Our experts

Our texture modified meals range has been carefully created by our team including our dietitian Helen Willis and Head Chef Phil Rimmer.

Helen worked in the NHS for a number of years treating many patients with dysphagia before joining our team bringing her wealth of knowledge with her.

Phil is passionate about creating delicious food for those with dysphagia and was recognised for this when he won a prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs award for his efforts in creating our range.

Our Dieticians
“There’s no reason why someone with dysphagia shouldn’t be able to enjoy tasty, appealing, nutritious food just like anyone else.”
Phil Rimmer – Head Chef, Wiltshire Farm Foods

Try it for yourself

We’re happy to offer free tasting sessions for healthcare professionals with one of our friendly local team members.


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Our ranges

Shaped Puree

Shaped to give a great appearance as well as taste because people with dysphagia still eat with their eyes

Shaped puree meal

Category C


From curries to pies our Pre Mashed range has something for every taste

Soft meal

Category D

Extra Tender

We’ve got lots of delicious meals on offer with smaller bites and softer textures

Shaped puree meal

Category E