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swallowing difficulties

Swallowing Difficulties

If you are living with swallowing difficulties, we’ve compiled some information you may find helpful. From possible causes, to measures you can take to make things easier, we want to help you or your loved one deal with dysphagia.

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chewing difficulties

Chewing Difficulties

Finding it difficult to chew? With the right help and guidance you might find you can ease the strain of your chewing difficulties. With tips on what to eat and other ways to make chewing easier, we believe this section can help you.

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Blending tips and advice

Blending tips and advice

Looking for tips on which foods will blend well – or which ones won’t? We can help you. We’ve also got advice on what you can mix in to your food to make it easier to eat.

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useful information

Useful Information

The terminology surrounding dysphagia, and the soft foods that you might be prescribed to eat, can be confusing. Our glossary aims to make things as clear as possible.

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recognising the signs

Recognising the signs

Concerned that you, or a loved one, might be suffering with undiagnosed swallowing difficulties? We’ve got information that will help you to determine if there’s a problem, and what that problem might be.

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Helen, our Dietitian

Helen worked in the NHS for over seven years, and has been very impressed by the soft foods range at Wiltshire Farm Foods, in particular the moulded meals which are incredible and are a real breakthrough for Wiltshire Farm Foods.

Helen Willis BSc RD
Wiltshire Farm Foods Dietitian